TESOL Qionglai

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F.W. - U.S. said:
This lesson presented an overview of several different teaching methods. Some were based on behaviorist ideas. Each method has positive aspects and negative aspects. There are certain principles that should be applied to all English teaching. For example, the students should be encouraged to discover English themselves. The should be exposed to as much English as possible. There should be some structured instruction by the teaching. The Engage Study Activate (ESA) method was formulated after reviewing several methods and combining the positive points from them. There are different stages in the ESA method. Each one has a specific purpose. For example, it has an Engage stage that helps make the students more comfortable in thinking and speaking English. And it has an Activate stage that allows the students to use English in real life activities.The ESA method may use the straight arrow form, the boomerang form, or the patchwork form to provide flexibility to meet the needs of different levels of students. There are some principles regarding correcting students. In the Engage and Activate stage the teacher should not correct students, but should note mistakes or errors. Self-correcting by students is probably the best way. and students correcting other students is also preferred.