TESOL Qiqihaer

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K.M. - France said:
The unit gives us the information about equipment and teaching aids may used at the lesson. Some points I?ve noticed are quite useful or/and thought-provoking. There are some of them: a)students should be involved in the writing process on the board. That?s a good idea because in that case it lets students produce higher score of their confidence, they feel they?re the important part of the process; b)it?s should be kept in a teacher?s mind that all electronic devices may let him/her down. To avoid it teachers must be familiar with the devices and be prepared in case something goes wrong; c)a new place of work means different resources. It?s important to check them first; d) the list of the online resources. One thing I would like to comment is an email. In my opinion, emails are out-of-date. They are replaced with enormous amount of social networks (Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.). Most of students use that ones to communicates with everyone, to find more friends with the same interests, etc. Emails may be used only for training the appropriate style of writing (electronic letters).