TESOL Renqiu

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M. A. - Italy said:
This unit covered different teaching themes that can be used while teaching Business English, as well as how to put these themes into practice. The various approaches are: case studies, frameworking, problem-based learning, games, CALL (Computer Aided Language Learning), and speech act theory. All of these could be used in the classroom and it is a good idea to use a variety of them to suit the different needs. For example, frameworking shows an input, a process, and an output (such as company numbers in different years on graphs). This means that the students must be able to describe the process of change from past to future with language and therefore, it is a good activity to use if the topic or learning point of the lesson is something to do with tenses. Another example, games, are best used in the Engage and Activate stages of an ESA lesson and are great for creating a relaxed and fun environment in the classroom. One thing that teachers certainly want to take advantage of is CALL (Computer Aided Language Learning). As long as the teachers and the students are both aware of copyright issues and internet safety, the internet is a vast wealth of resources that can be used in projects for the class. For example, many sample business letters are online that the teacher can use in the classroom, or that the students can use to aid their own work and formatting.