TESOL Riyadh

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J.P. - China said:
The content of this unit featured common problem situation with first lessons with a new group and existing group of students. The unit further looked at what a first lesson should cover and not cover. Some examples were given to explain how to deliver them through activities. Moreover, the unit looked at typical warmer ideas to use for the class and approaches to take when dealing with student groups that have different/varying levels of the English language. And finally, this unit looked at ways to deal with large classes, reluctant students and the difficulties in listening to texts. From this unit, overall I learnt that for a first lesson, you may either have a new group or existing group. Whichever group I may have, I learnt what to look out for and how to deal with such groups in the classroom. For example, overall as a teacher, I should build rapport with my students, and I can use many types of activities to carry this out. Understanding the different English language levels with a group of students for a lesson and the approaches to take on how best and effective to meet all my student needs, such as use different materials or same material different task, etc.