TESOL Rizhao

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J.S. – Italy said:
As I stated in the previous section, this section was interesting reading and very helpful. It was helpful in the sense that it taught me what it really takes to communicate effectively. I think most people ignore the basic factors when either speaking or writing. I am the first to admit it the lack of ignorance when I express myself differently especially while speaking to old friends from school. But in reality both are equally important, though some would disagree, because as an elder now, I see how speaking with individuals seems to take a greater important role in expressing your ideas and thoughts. As for the writing portion, that has always been my weakest even while in college. I did attend writing assignment courses for extra help in writing school papers. Overall, I feel that I need additional reading assignments in order to gasp the concept to become a more effective and efficient teacher. I did appreciate at the end of the Unit the list of games and their websites. I did reviewed a few of the sites to become familiar with the games. I will sure use them in my classroom.