TESOL Rose City Texas

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To teach English as a foreign language, we have to be prepared to teach all levels. As well as many different areas such as business, individual lessons, and multilingual/monolingual. We can do this by having a varied lesson plan that suits all individuals of every level. As classes may vary in age, diversity, and level of learning. Also it is very important to keep a highly motivated, and enthusiastic structure to our classroom plan. Business students along with young learners may tend to be distracted do to boredom, and or work before/or after class. So it will be key to keep their attention focused, and interested. Individual students will not be able to absorb some of the same key aspects as a full classroom, but will likely enjoy more conversation one on one. We still have to stick to a general structured lesson plan in this area as well. That keeps them ready to learn more when it comes to the grammar lessons, and testing.