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K.W. - Mexico said:
Conditionals refer to things that are possibilities. These possibilities contain two clauses and the word ?if?. They can take place in the past, present or future. There are five main conditionals. The first is the zero conditional which is a fact such as: If it is hot out, your ice cream will melt. The first conditional is used with the word will and when the future is certain or probable. When a second conditional is used, the situation is almost always a hypothetical situation. A past hypothetical action combined with a past consequence is considered to be the third conditional. Mixed conditionals use a past action with a hypothetical present action. Teaching lessons can involve story telling using hypothetical questions in chains or splitting sentences and matching them together. Reported speak is when someone describes what someone else says. A lot of reported speech is changed to past as the personal will be told it in the past. Pronouns almost always change when you report something unless you keep the name. Verbs usually change to a past tense. A good place to see reported speak is media outlets from third party quotes.