TESOL Santo Domingo

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L.T. – U.S.A. said:
This unit was extremely useful since it deals with teaching special groups which I deal with very often - beginners, children, individual lessons. The only category that I don't cover in my work is Business. Indeed I've seen the problems with 1-1 adults, being tired, not doing the homework, wanting just conversation etc. The teaching tips are very useful, I've done many of the mentioned - talking about family, education, discussing relevant/news topics, watching videos etc. I correct their pronunciation (indeed over correcting would be a big mistake), yet have never recorded the students. What I see with some individual students is that they want the topics to be interesting (confronted with the usual course book content), yet it would require way more work preparing the lessons. I also teach children a lot, so I can agree with everything that's been written in this unit, including their wish for use of L1, misbehaving; sometimes they can even \"read\" my mood, thus the teacher should have a positive attitude. I'm a new teacher, and unfortunately I discovered too late the golden rule about \"better start firmly and gradually relax control\".