TESOL Sarajevo

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A.P. & B.B. - New Zealand said:
This was a fascinating unit as I never realised the English language had 12 tenses! I have even more respect now for those individuals who learn our complex language, especially with all those irregular verbs whereby there are no formulas to them, you just have to memorise them. As someone who has always been good at English, and studied Journalism at University, I did not know in detail the four components that make up the present tense. I wish that this was taught more in-depth at schools. I am based in Sydney, Australia, and just saw on the news tonight that our Year 12, HSC (High School Certificate), aka A levels or Senior Year, is being completely revamped and grammar will be more of a focal point in English which I was rapt to hear about. I also studied French during high school, and would have had a better understanding of how to form the present tense in french, if I knew it in English first. I am planning to study Spanish soon and believe after doing this course, I will have a better grasp on English grammar, which will in turn help me learning Spanish.