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J.C. - Canada said:
Grammar-translation was the most common language teaching and learning method for hundreds years in the school sector. This methodology make use of direct converting words between native language(L1) and target language(L2). Audio-lingualism also known as Army method, a methodology that focuses listen-repeat drills. Task-based learning is a method that student are given a task to complete in the language. The silent way is the behaviour of the teacher whilst student had to discover the language for themselves. Suggestopedia is a method that focus on relaxation routine which increase intake of information. Engage-Study-Activate(ESA) is a method that by using some activities in a language classroom to help students to learn effectively. Engage- This is a point in teaching sequence where the teachers try to get the students talking and thinking in English. Study- Some activities often worksheets are given to the students to check their understanding in the language. Activate- this is a stage that the students are encouraged to puts their learning into a realistic context.