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C.H. - U.S.A. said:
This section was in most part short, simple and easily to understand. However, I feel I need to learn more about the two topics mentioned: reading and listening. I am not sure which is more important nor do I have enough information to make a conclusive statement about the two. But I do know that they are equally important in learning a new language. I believe reading is the first key in understanding a new language. That is to say, we all learned in school that reading is very important. I remember teachers, parents, elders and many others always saying to me that if I can read, I can achieve better in school and more importantly a better life in the career I chose. That is why I never stopped from reading anything and everything that crossed my path. The key to listening, on the other hand, is a bit more different and like I said equally important. Hearing a new language can be difficult. But with the right hearing skills, I feel a new language can be achieved easily. One side note if I may, I am not degrading people with disabilities in hearing and blindness. I am only saying that these two skills are important and the teacher should be able to relay these skills to his/her new students as a positive adventure in order for the students to learn.