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B.Z. – U.S.A. said:
This unit helps to teach the four different present tenses that exist in the English language and the reasoning behind when to use them. As a native speaker of English, I know how things are supposed to sound, but I often do not know why they are supposed to sound that way. From this unit I learned what the different tenses are called, which is something that I had never been formally taught in English class growing up. This unit helped me to practice and understand how I would explain to a student their grammar mistakes with the tenses. As a teacher, I will need to be able to give coherent and simple reasoning behind why certain tenses are used in different ways. There is a specific structure in which these sentences are written that makes it easier for students to grasp. However, there are many irregularities, especially with the past participles of many verbs, that will be more challenging for students. For that reason, the most common irregularities must be taught first so that they may communicate simple ideas and then later on as they build greater vocabulary various other irregularities will be introduced to them.