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H.B. - U.S.A. said:
After reading and studying unit 14, Coursebooks and Lesson Materials, I learned that it is important to achieve a balance with the use of authentic and created materials when teaching my EFL learners in the classroom, so that my lessons are both practical and effective. The course provided with me a comprehensive and thorough overview with examples of authentic and created materials that I can use in the classroom. I now understand and have a clear guideline that I can refer to when choosing a coursebook for my lessons. I found the four different options for coursebook use explained in the course to be very useful and it was something new, I hadn?t thought about until I studying this course. The section on analyzing a coursebook is also extremely valuable and I will use as a guideline going forward, again something else new that I learned in this course. Overall, this lesson has equipped me with very good background knowledge and has provided me with the resources to make good choices when selecting my teaching aids, visual aids, coursebooks, identifying authentic materials that are suitable and appropriate for certain learning levels and groups and examples that I can model when creating my own materials to support my students language learning experience and goal to build fluency.