TESOL Teresina

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M.P. - Australia said:
During our teaching career, it is unavoidable to be faced with problems along the way. This unit taught me to foresee efficiently handle possible problems in the future. In first lessons, before starting with the course book it is best if we establish rapport with our students. It is also a great opportunity to perform needs analysis and/or asses the levels of students to be able to incorporate problem areas into our lesson plan. Once rapport has been established, it is still important to continually grasp the interests of our students to keep them motivated in learning English. One way to do this is by incorporating warmers into the engage phase of our lessons. The size of the class as well as the level of English a ability can also present problems along the way. A large class could be more challenging to teach given the ratio of students to the teacher. When we are in a situation where we need to deal with a large class with multi level students we should asses the situation carefully and look for a solution that would benefit the majority. Lastly, individual student problem are also common. In dealing with reluctant students it is ideal to let them practice in a controlled environment where they are able to speak English while in their comfort zones. Role-plays are also helpful activities because students tend to be more vocal while acting out roles rather that being themselves.