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G.E. - France said:
Unit12 was a continuation of language skills, just like Unit11 which focused on receptive skills, this Unit12 focused on productive skills which are speaking and writing. This Unit talked about different between writing and speaking skills. Writing requires more accuracy while speaking requires more fluency but both productive skills are very important especially the speaking skills but that doesn't mean that writing skills should be neglected since they are serving the same purpose which is for communication. This Unit also talked about activities that can be used to encourage speaking and writing in a controlled and creative way. There are some issues that can discourage a student to participate in the classroom during a speaking lesson but it is the duty of a teacher to create interest for the students by encouraging them and make sure to provide a comfortable environment for them. Finally, this Unit discussed how to use different games in the classroom to enhance a creative learning environment. All the techniques I learned in this unit will help me to plan creative productive skill lessons.