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E.G. - U.S.A. said:
This unit covered modal verbs, phrasal verbs, relative clauses, and passive voice. I have had some experience trying to teach most of these, but I have very little familiarity with phrasal verbs. One time one of my co-workers asked me about it and I hadn't even heard of the name. So it was very useful to get more acquainted with the definition and types of phrasal verbs. It's also something I think students often have trouble with, since they already have lots of trouble with prepositions, so I thought it was a good idea to teach phrasal verbs as vocabulary associated with a specific topic. It was also useful to think about the potential problems associated with students trying to learn these topics. In particular, one of the mistakes I've seen my students make with passive voice is trying to use passive voice in a way that works in their native language, but doesn't work in English. For example, they will try to turn the sentence \"My mother got angry at me\" into passive voice, because it's quite common to say in their native language, but it doesn't work so well in English unless we change the verb to something like \"was scolded\". I'd like to practice some of the teaching ideas given in the unit and try to think of my own ways to teach my students about these topics.