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This unit provided some ideas about materials that could be used to aid your teaching. Among other things it discussed computers, visual tools, games, and cd's, and gave some information about the advantages and disadvantages of using these materials. The unit also gave some hints about practical things to consider when using supplemental materials and techniques, like taking into account potential technical failure by always testing out the chosen gadget before the class starts. Lastly the unit provided a number of resources to get games, dictionaries and other support for ESL students.this unit is more or less talking about the skills used in teaching the students,making them feel relaxed and comfortable and finding the lesson interesting and at the same time grabbing what they should.for example using the ESA METHOD:this is when you try to engage your students to acquire that spirit of finding the language interesting and fun using music,pictures e.t.c...before going down to studying which you would now make the student to focus more o the language and it is constructed.before using activation method which you now allow the student use all the words they have learnt