TESOL Trujillo

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H.D. - U.S. said:
This unit has covered the two productive skills the students need to acquire during their language learning in a great detail. The various techniques to motivate the students have proved again to be of a great importance. There was, however, one aspect about the teaching that struck me - creativity. We are not usually taught to be creative in schools. The creativity seems to have been reserved only for the art students, whereas it is, ineed, needed in all aspects of life. As new teachers, we might struggle in finding a balance between having creative,flexible lessons (as we might have not been exposed to such lessons when we attended school) and having to maintain a certain discipline and controlled way of teaching. It is like opening up to the whole range of possibilities and letting go of the need to control everything. The second thing that struck my attention in this unit was the importance of writing. It is true that there is less and less time devoted to writing in the lessons and it is mostly done by giving written homeworks, or various assignments to the students. There are different ways in which we might encourage more writing in the lessons- e.g. group projects, writing games. It is good to think about how to engage all skills - receptive and productive- equally and appropriately.