TESOL Tularosa New Mexico

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This small Unit's focus is on the Equipment and Teaching Aids you'll be using in your classroom. These include The Whiteboard/Blackboard, Interactive Whiteboard (IWB), Over-head Projector (OHP), Visual Aids (i.e. Pictures, Photos or Real Objects), Worksheets & Work Cards, Cassette Recorders/Players, CD Players, Videos and DVDs, Video Cameras, Dictionaries, Course Books, Resource Books, Photocopiers, Computers and Online Resources. To avoid re-writing what is already well written in the materials, I won't be expanding any further on this Unit in my summary. I?d ask you to please refer to the materials and read the dot points that clearly tell you what to do and NOT to do with the above Equipment and Teaching Aids. In conclusion however, what you generally need to do before using anything is to be well-prepared before the class begins. Meaning, you need to know how to use the equipment (and effectively) and to be ready and organised before your students come into class, so as to avoid stoppages.