TESOL Tyneside

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R.C. - U.S.A. said:
With all the knowledge acquired from this course, it will come a time I to put it into practice. That will start from the first lesson. This lesson will face the teacher with many challenges some which have been handle in the previous lessons and others like; meeting a new group class/students who barely know each other or existing group students who have studied together for sometime. No matter which group the teacher is faced with he/she should start with warm up activities and bulding a good rapport with the students despite the level. One may also be faced with a mix class having students with different levels of understanding. Some schools are really populated and may pose a problem. Some students may be reluctant to do what the teacher says.In the course of the class, listening to both new teacher or tape may also be a problem to be dealt with. I have learned a couple of things regarding this issues that may arise from this unit.I think the use or warmers is very important at all levels as it shall serve the purpose of fisrt impression and getting to know each other.The class size may be big and containing reluctant students or different level students but that shouldn't scare me as a teacher.Playing with the students and understanding their need will be my main interest for my first class.With all I have learned from this course and the simplified nature of the course, I believe I am ready for my first class as an EFL teacher.