TESOL Ulaanbaatar

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S.R. - U.S.A. said:
This unit was very interesting and very useful. Unlike the past units, this unit was a comparison of two lessons. The same teacher taught both lessons to his English class in Thailand. Both lessons covered the same material; however, the first lesson was an example of a bad lesson. The second was an example of a good and effective lesson. The comparison between these two lessons was very striking. The first lesson was very difficult to watch due to the teacher?s dismissive attitude and the many flaws within the lesson. The teacher showed a general apathy disregard for his class. Watching the video you could immediately see his energy reflected in the classroom. This video had many examples of what not to do. I think it serves as a good lesson for teachers. I especially hope it emphasizes the positivity you need to bring to the classroom. However, the second lesson was much more enjoyable to watch. It was great to see the same teacher connecting with his students and leading a fun lesson. I particularly liked his use of partner work to increase student talk time. I thought his reuse of class material was great. I also really enjoyed his method for giving instructions. With each worksheet he was very clear and always helped the students with the first answer. I think this is a great for demonstrating the task as well as boosting students? confidence. There were many positive aspects to this lesson. But overall I found this unit to be very engaging and informative.