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G.K. - United Kingdom said:
It's important to write a lesson plan because it will give me something to refer to during the lesson and keep the class on track. It also allows a certain amount of flexibility if the class are enjoying an activity or struggling with it, more time can be allowed. The lesson plan then provides a record of what we has been covered. I've learnt that a lesson plan should be simple and I should maintain the same structure throughout the lesson and try to make activities fit together and allow the lesson to flow. Some key things that should be included in a plan are Learner objectives, personal aim, teacher aids, and timing. This will ensure that all equipment is ready for the lesson and there is a clear aim for what needs to be achieved by the end of the lesson. Timings will help keep on track so that we can cover the necessary topic/s and will help to maintain interest in the lesson, rather than allowing activities to drag on. A good way to monitor the quality of my lessons is to fill in self evaluation forms to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the lesson.