TESOL Warangal

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C.G. - Romania said:
Wow! This is my feedback on this unit. It?s full of useful information the teacher can put into practice at the lessons. Perfect! I absorbed the unit within a day, I studied it in detailed, wrote out some interesting activities I can realize in my classes. It was very interesting to get familiar with deferent methods and techniques in teaching language. To tell the truth, not all of them I apply at my lessons, but now I?ve understood how extremely important it is. During our lessons at public schools very often teachers prefer to use grammar-translation technique which in essence impedes students? English speaking (practising). And I am one of such teachers. But thanks to this course I understand that I can enhance my teaching knowledge and not to make mistakes in teaching any more. And I want to say special thanks for detailed explanation what the ESA approach is. Everything is quite clear due to schemes, examples and samples of activities on different stages of the ESA lesson. The only remark I?d like to note is not a very good example to my mind in the sample of the activity 19. Adjectival Introduction ?This is Ning, she is tall and beautiful. She has a big nose and is wearing glasses.? ?A big nose? sounds a little bit offending.