TESOL Wellington Wisconsin

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I've encountered the Phonemic Symbols before but I've never really memorized them, or at the very least try to familiarize myself with them prior to this lesson. That was definitely interesting study, and quite frankly I did have trouble remembering the symbol equivalent for the sound sometimes. I definitely can see how handy they can be for a learning student, over the course of time the pronunciations come naturally and with ease that the difficulty of them becomes lost to native speakers and advance level learners, but it must definitely not be neglected nor forgotten when teaching the language. I remember when I first started learning English at a young age I had trouble pronouncing words like \"lingerie,\" for they did not look like they sound and I pronounced them almost quite literally as I saw them, \"ling-ge-rie\" and not as \"lan-zha-rei.\" Overall a very interesting topic, I had a lot of fun practicing my speaking skills throughout the unit.