TESOL Williamsfield Indiana

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This unit was about course materials and how to use them effectively, focusing in particular on course books and authentic vs. created materials. This unit was short but very informative. I often supplement the textbooks I am required to use with my elementary students with my own materials, for the reasons listed in this unit. The textbook activities tend to be a bit dull, and do not last anywhere near the entire lesson. I use the textbook more as a syllabus and general guide, and often replace or supplement the materials with my own ideas, especially in the Activate phase of my lessons. Most of my students are beginners, so I can't really use authentic materials with them. This unit gave me good ideas for using fun created materials though (such as word searches and crossword puzzles). I can use authentic materials with the student I currently tutor, however. I'm looking forward to trying them out with her.