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L.M. – U.S.A. said:
This unit focused on the use of course materials and textbooks in an ESL class. Teachers usually need a balance of authentic language materials (content designed for native speakers) as well as created content that is more specialized for the needs of the class. When choosing a textbook, teachers usually find that it can be helpful, but not to be used for the entirety of the course. A good class would involve a structure based on a textbook with various modifications and updates on the part of the instructor. I myself found similar results when I first began teaching. If I designed classes completely from scratch, I often had trouble maintaining focus and a vision of the final objective. Following a textbook helps take an overwhelming amount of content and organize it in a more or less logical way. I found it much for enjoyable to balance textbook lessons with homemade conversation lessons that focused on content and themes addressed in the book. Students also enjoyed the consistency of the textbook with the variety of my modifications. There's no reason to spend countless hours designing entire courses if you simply know how to choose and use pre-made material effectively.