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M.S. - Spain said:
This unit was devoted to teaching about the importance of Reading and Listening in language. There was first a differentiation between receptive skills (reading and listening) and productive skills (speaking and writing). The content in the unit made it clear that all these skills are very important and should be integrated to the language learning journey. There are various reasons for reading and learning. We do it purposefully to help us achieve a particular goal, or we do it for mere pleasure. We employ a variety of skills when we read and listen. It was very interesting to learn more about this, because, as the unit discusses, it is very easy to assume that reading and listening only involves our eyes and ears. We employ predictive skills, specific information sscanning skills, general idea skills (skimming), detailed information skills and deduction from context. It also discussed several factors that affect our language learning, including sentence length, word length, and unfamiliar words, so it provided several strategies for facing these difficulties, like getting to know our students, their interests and abilities and taking these things into consideration when developing language training materials.