TESOL Xiangcheng

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Y.Y. - U.S. said:
This unit examined some effective methods and techniques to teaching new language concepts. It gives many examples for teaching language appropriately at various language levels. Most importantly I learned the structure of how to most effectively give an English lesson. The different language teaching methods introduced at the beginning of the unit gave me a chance to see what I did and did not like as teaching methods during my language learning experience of my second language as well. From reading about these different techniques, I better know how to teach effectively based on my own teaching style and personality. Topics such as teacher-talk time of various stages as well as how to properly correct students all were very useful to me as I have never been formally introduced to those concepts. After reading this unit I have a much better idea of how I can structure my lessons to be most effective. My lessons will include much student participation that gets them interested in the topic at hand and will be task-based a lot in order to help them obtain real life skills with the English language. They will also be based on a 'patchwork' ESA lesson that gives multiple activation phases where students can apply the knowledge that they recently acquired which will leave them feeling encouraged that they were able to apply the new skills they learned multiple times throughout the lesson. In language learning, students should learn to celebrate every small accomplishment and application with the target language.