TESOL Xingyang

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E.A. South Korea said:
In this unit I learnt the basics of classroom management. Classroom management is the skill or organizing & managing the class, having a friendly, relaxed manner and maintaining the discipline. Eye contact, gestures and the voice play important roles in managing the class nicely. Good eye contact in the class helps building good rapport with the students. Good use of gestures can be very much effective and useful. Having a proper clarity in voice, proper range, variation and projection is very essential to run a classroom. There are various ways you may group the students to teach them- Whole class grouping, students working on their own, pairwork and groupwork- each one of them has their own pros and cons. Class room management largely depends on the following factors- space, age of students, nationality, type of chairs and tables, student personality. Both teacher and student talk times are important but a teacher must know when to use their own talk time and when not to- A teacher must allow the students also to use their talk time as much as possible as that's the best way to improve the english communication skills. Lastly, establishing a good rapport in between students plus in between student and a teacher is very important and there are numerous ways of doing so.