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K.M. - U.S.A. said:
There are many types of classes and groups when it comes to teaching English which will require a variety of teaching skills. Such classes will include monolingual, multilingual, business English or English for specific purposes, teaching children/young learners, teaching individuals, and or beginner students. Monolingual students all have the same L1 and multilingual students have different L1?s. Teaching Business English can be either a group within the company, one on one or people from different businesses where ?General English? is the focus not teaching about ?business.? Young learners are usually within the age range of 2 - 16 which are highly motivated learners. Teaching individuals or one on one is increasing personally and highly in the business world. Beginner students are broken out into 5 categories and can be classified into more than one: 1. Absolute beginner with no knowledge. 2. False beginner with some exposure to the English language. 3. Adult beginner has made their own choice to study English. 4. Young beginner usually is not their choice to study English. 5. Beginner students whom do not know the Roman alphabet. There is a variation of techniques, lessons and classroom management to incorporate into the instruction of each type of group or class along with its advantages and disadvantages.