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F.W. – U.S. said:
One thing I struggled with when I started teaching in Japan was the use of native language in the classroom, especially by English teachers. I agree that there shouldn?t be a total ban of the students? native language, but at times I can?t help but feel otherwise. Simple instructions by a Japanese teacher of English are almost always done in Japanese. As a result, many students lack the knowledge for simple basic commands. I have spoken to my co works about this but some will insist that it?s easier and faster for the purpose of their lesson if they use Japanese to give instructions, and that I can use English when it?s my activity, while others have tried to correct this oversight or fully agree that the use of English instructions should always be used in the classroom. There is also the problem of teachers quickly translating what I say from English to Japanese. I have seen improvement and a willingness to try from the teachers, but unfortunately working at such a large school means I don?t see the students or work with the teachers as often as I would like (maybe once or twice a month).