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K.Y. – U.S.A. said:
in unit seven,teaching a new language depends on : vocabulary,grammar,and functions.vocabulary is very important in any language,if we do not know the words, we can not be able to speak.the lesson that we teach can include grammar,vocabulary,functions,and in that, we can use some methods teaching a new language,the E S A method,grammar and vocabulary use the straight arrow method,while function can use the boomerang method. teaching vocabulary to students can be easy or difficult depending on certain factors, example:similarity to English words known.,we also have to know that, before selecting a vocabulary to teach,it must be to the level of student task,it must be visual in language. also,we should not forget what the students needs ,on vocabulary item, for example,they need to know the meaning,use,spelling and pronunciation. in this unit, i have learned how to teach vocabulary,grammar structure, language function by using the method of engage,study and activate(E S A) in various levels of teaching,like the strait arrow,boomerang,and the patchwork lesson.