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S.W. – U.S.A. said:
This unit introduced me to the distinctions between the Present Simple, Perfect, Perfect Continuous, and Continuous forms for verbs; in addition to mentioning a further eight forms that correspond to the Past and Future tenses. Heretofore, I was largely unaware of the existence of these different forms for verbs across all three tenses; having used these forms without really comprehending why I was in fact using them in the manner that I was. This unit therefore gave me a greater familiarity with the grammatical structures associated with the different forms. The Present Perfect and Perfect Continuous structures for example are both built around the usage of the word \"have\" with the principal difference being the \"ing\" ending attached to the verb in the Perfect Continuous structure. I am inclined to think that the most straight forward way to getting a student familiar with these grammar points is to have the student engage in language drills to encourage memorization; similar to how the irregular forms of the most common verbs have to be drilled and memorized by the learner.