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S.R. - Poland said:
This final unit has gone over some potential problems a teacher might face. The unit not only gives examples of potential problem areas but ways to avoid problems before they occur and also suggestions for dealing with problems as they arise. Some common problems can come from students having varying level of knowledge. the class may have started at the same level but parts of the class may learn faster or slower, creating a gap in the class. With this case the teacher should be prepared with additional materials to give the faster learners and even look at pairing weaker students with stronger students to have peer exchange. At some point in a teachers career they will encounter having a large class. With a large class the teacher needs to make sure the room and board are arranged for all learners to be able to see and hear what is being taught. The teacher can again use pairing with the larger group, as well as choral drills and worksheets. Another potential problem is the use of native language by the learners. Typically this is done when students aren't fully understanding the information or are trying to help a classmate. The teacher can help reduce the use of or have become native language by making sure information and instructions are given in a clear and simple way. To keep the class from increasing the use of native language, the teacher should ignore all directed questions in the native tongue and continue to encourage and remind students to use English.