TESOL Zhengzhou

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T.H. - Korea said:
This unit teaches how to respond in the classroom and how to arrange everything, starting from using space to discipline. Classroom space should be wisely organised. The teacher should prepare the classroom, teaching materials and be in the mood, or at least show it to the students. In way of controlling class and discipline can be used eye contact (to let students understand that they are noticed by the teacher); gestures are used to convey the meaning of language and to help the teacher to manage the class and make it more fun for the students; grouping students is a good way for practicing, building communications between students; the teacher's voice is the powerful instrument during the lesson, if the teacher can use it in right way (according to the situation), it'll increase students' interest in the class. There are certain rules for the teacher: keep students' names in mind (use the student name at the end of the question, to keep students' attention), write on the board, but keep the eye contact with the students as much as possible, the teacher's position inside the classroom should be chosen according to the activity.