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J.P. - Germany said:
The Future Tense unit covers arguably the most difficult of the tenses to teach. So many ideas can be conveyed with future meanings and there are many different ways to express future ideas. Just like with past and present there is a simple form that expresses future facts and certainties amongst many other usages. There is future continuous form that allows speakers to express an activity that will be in progress at a particular point in the future. Again that is only one of its many usages. There is future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going+ infinitive, and even the present simple and present continous forms that can be used to express future ideas. This by far was the most complex concept, it will be a great challenge expresssing these forms in the classroom. It will be especially interesting teaching this area of English to people who speak a language that doesn't have explicit future tense verb conjugations like Japanese. As a natural speaker I was unaware of these concepts as they are explained in the unit. I learned not only the 5 different future tenses but that we even express ideas of the future using present tense speech as well. However, Understanding the way these tenses are formed helped me grasp the differences between them. After continued study I am confident in my ability to teach future tense.