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T.W. - U.S.A. said:
This Unit has been of a great help to me because it allowed me to discover the different types of class I could be teaching and what are their main particularities and how i should be dealing with each of them. The unit starts with teaching beginners. The term beginners may have many connotation and it is better to think of it in terms of categories that range from the absolute beginner to the beginner without roman. The Unit continues with teaching individual students. Individuals lessons have number of advantages for the teachers; no mixed levels, usually highly motivated students,etc, but can also have drawbacks. Environment of a class of beginners and one-to-one class is very diffent from that of young learners class. As children need frequent changes of activities and generally have short attention span and get bored easily, the teacher's role become of a primary importance here. Another reason for this is that children will look to the teacher for guidance. The role of the teacher will not only about monotoring but will also consist to assess. As far As English for purpose is concerned, it is not a prerequisite to get the whole of knowledge of business, even if it is useful, to teaching English to business people. The type of language that learners need is often in areas such as telephoning, presentations, etc. And above all teacher dealing with business English class must bear in mind that he/her is not there to teach his/her students to be business men/women but to teach them English.