Do TEFL certificates expire?


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There are five common conditionals. Each have their own usage and form. Naturally, there are exceptions to all the rules. In reported speech the present becomes the past, basically. This is what they call backshifting. I learned or was reminded of a few rules in this section about the conditionals.This unit really put my head through some exercises. Trying to make sense of the different labels for each tense was quite a challenge, but I feel more confident in my ability to accurately convey the concepts to my students after having studied it and practiced it in the exercises and on the test.1)First of all -Behavior .Important element to control the class through the model of a teacher. The usage for the IWB is good with such of explanation to the student , with using the orders .The second- every time teacher do something students doing the same matter .Knowing it now.Felling better