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This unit, as the others before, is excellent to review grammatical rules that fluent English speakers do automatically. Moreover, it explain the uses of each tense in a very clear and understandable way. Again, the examples fit perfectly with the content and the ideas of activities seems to be perfect for teaching the language. I did appreciate the song recommendations in the future simple part. Music is a great way to show people how the language work and it could make a class more interesting for the students.Unit 6 was the next step in learning the 1 tenses to teach, this time focusing on the 4 past tenses. Past tenses are very similar to present tenses so the learning was easier as it sort of mirrored its counterpart. The unit began with past simple tenses and had a chart of irregular verbs that don't fit the typical rules. Like before, I was given the usages common errors, and sample activate stage ideas! These were supplied for the other 3 tenses as well, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous.