Coursebooks and Materials - Use of the Wipe Board


So let's have a look at some of the more general issues when using the wipe board. Perhaps the most important thing to start with is that we should start with a clean board. Secondly it's always very useful to make a board plan so that you know where things are going to appear on the board by the end of your lesson. It?s very simple to do a board plan. Just take a sheet of paper, which is similar in shape to the board that you're going to use, and then onto that piece of paper decide where all the information that's going onto your board is going to be by the time that you've finished. So a very simple board plan just to show where the information is going to be. Also it's very useful if you make use of tables and columns to separate different areas of your work and in the same way you can use color for the same effect. So by starting with a clean board, decide on which areas of that board are going to be used for your various types of information and then within that the use of different colors for different types of information. It is important that you only put the essential information needed by the students on the board. They will have a tendency to copy everything down that you put on there. So make sure that you only use the board for essential information. When you're writing on the board is very important that you use print and that you separate all of the letters and as soon as any information is no longer required on the wipe board then clear it away.

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Practical observation is a nice break from the theory and a chance to have a look on the lesson from spectator's position (teachers usually lack it and do this only during their study). Lessons provide a clear result of all the points stated earlier and is a nice conclusion for it.I struggled with this unit and I am not yet confident that I will remember it in weeks to come. I am still a little confused when a word could be more than one part of speech. I have to go on line for further clarification. I recognise that I have to read this unit again and again.Unit 10, the uses of videos is ingenious it really conveyed what we are supposed to learn and teach our students. The unit also gave me ideas to use when teaching a class, so the contrast of using the bad and good way of teacher was very interesting and I found it very entertaining