Coursebooks and materials - Worksheets and workcards


Next, a couple of issues surrounding the use of worksheets and workcards. Firstly, these types of materials can either be bought or they could be made by yourself. Very often many of the book series that we use will have workcards in their teacher resource book. Worksheets and workcards are very useful because they can act as a prompt to introduce an activity or topic. They can also be used for role plays and one of the things you need to be aware of when making worksheets and workcards yourself is that you need to make them durable. So whenever you create a workcard, if you put it on some hard backing and then put it inside some cellophane or covered plastic just to make them durable then those types of workcards and worksheets can last for years. So examples of worksheets and workcards we may have in our teachers resource book is quite possible that we may have some worksheets actually given inside there and workcards that we can use as activity sheets and things like games. This is an example of snakes and ladders that we can use with our students to create language. So worksheets and workcards are very very useful.

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Listen and reading skills became very important when we learn a new language.the role of the teacher should be guiding the students to develop both of them with the help of exercises. All the skills in a language should developed following the same peace to better build confidence.I've learned about the different teaching styles, different types of students, the differences of teaching different age groups, their motivation, goals, their background, characteristics of a good teacher/student, the European framework. Very basic, general information but useful.I mostly was able to review pronouns, adjectives, adverbs and etcetra. I also learned a lot of new concepts like transitive verbs, gerunds, uncountable vs countable verbs, and prepositions. I was familiar with these concepts already, but before I did not know their names and rules.