English Grammar Overview - Parts of Speech - Prepositions


Moving further down our list of the parts of speech, we have our prepositions. Prepositions show a relationship between a noun or a pronoun and the rest of the sentence. We have three main categories: time, place, movement as well as a miscellaneous category that doesn't fit the other three. Here, we can have prepositions of time: before, during, in, at or on. If I said, "I work at eight o'clock," I'm sharing a relationship between the time "eight o'clock" to the rest of the sentence. We have our prepositions of place: in, at, on, under, in between. If I said, "The book is under the table," I'm showing a relationship between the table and the rest of the sentence. Then, we have our prepositions of movement. These show movement: towards, from, to or through. I could say, "He walked through the park." I'm relating the park to the rest of the sentence. Finally, we have our others: of, with, for, etc. I could say "This is a gift for Gary." Again, I'm showing a relationship between Gary and the rest of the sentence. Of course, the prepositions listed here are just a small example of all the propositions.

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This unit explained the different parts of speech very clearly. It showed out some problem areas that both me and the students should be more focused on. It is a good unit to come back to if I want to look at the basics. I think English basically builds up from what I learnt in this unit.This lesson covered multiple ways in which we can approach teaching different aspects of language. Teaching vocabulary and grammar each come with distinctly different challenges, so I appreciated that the lesson also provided example of activities that can fit into my future lesson plans.In this unit I have looked at Teaching receptive skills. This Unit has been on Reading and Listening. I have learnt about the different reasons for reading and listening. I have looked at the ways in which we read and listen, how we do it in different ways in order to obtain what we want.