The Future Tenses - 'Going To' Future - Teaching Ideas


This video looks at various teaching ideas for the 'going to' future tense. Pictures are a great tool for lower-level students to look at evidence based on the pictures and making predictions using the 'going to' future. Other ideas might include weather predictions, as well as planning a party or holiday.

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This unit provides with a thorough overview of past tenses. It is helpful in sorting out the rules, especially for someone like me who have not had teaching practice in a decade. I especially appreciate teaching ideas. I will keep the videos and notes to use these ideas later on.Phonology is more difficult than I would realize not just because of the variations of stress, rhythm, and intonation, but add phonetic script to the mix and it can be overwhelming. Good thing we stay clear of it and just try to help students with out complicating things to much.The future perfect The present simple Be going +Infinitive Present continous is used when we have definite arrangements and for decision and plans without a time frame. Present simplecan be used to suggest a more formal situation, time tables, schedules, more personal tone.