The Future Tenses - 'Going To' Future - Structure and Usages


The 'going to' future tense is used to indicate future plans with intentions and predictions based on evidence. It is a very common future tense used in both spoken and written English.

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This unit builds on top of Unit 3 - Theories, Methods and Techniques. It combines various teaching techniques with ESA methodology. After learning what ESA is, we learn how to employ that methodology when teaching English in class. It certainly filled some gaps left from Unit 3.This lesson is very interesting but it may not be easy for both teacher and student. Such a lesson will require a long time to drill thus I will set aside 1 week of lesson to teach this properly. It is fascinating to learn what are the words or syllabus that we should stress on.This unit allowed me to come up with more ideas on how to engage the students in the classroom by learning the functions of the language. It also gave me more ideas on how to have an active classroom setting. There are three frameworks that I will follow now because of this unit.