The Future Tenses - Review of the Future Tenses - Additional Tenses in the Future


Besides the four future tenses in English (future simple, future continuous, future perfect and the future perfect continuous) there are three additional tenses we can use when speaking about the future. These include the 'going to' future, the present continuous and the present simple. This video gives you an overview how to use them for future statements.

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Overall I really enjoyed this unit of study. It is getting to the meat of what I want to specialize in. There are a lot of similarities of course from the TEFL course that fit perfectly into this one (as I presumed it was meant to do). There was lots of good information offered.We need to determine the purpose of reading and the audience when choosing a certain type of text so that it can be interesting for them. We can vary the topics so that we can motivate every student and keep them engaged. This will lead to a higher participation during the class.This unit discusses future tenses. This subject has been difficult for me to understand in the past, but after reading this chapter I have a much better grasp of the future tenses. I feel more confident now that I can teach this to my future students in a way they can understand.