The Past Tenses - Overview - Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous


In this video, we provide you with a useful overview of the various past tenses. We focus here especially on the differences between the past perfect and past perfect continuous.

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I have learnt that the teachers attitude and manor can have a large impact on the overall effectiveness of the lesson. Simple things like gesturing and speaking slowly and clearly make a big difference. It also taught me that the energy the teacher has will rub off on the pupils.In this unit, I got to learn how to teach new vocabulary, grammar and functions. Because I do not have much experience in teaching, the possible ESA steps were very informative and useful. I was also able to imagine how I can successfully teach a whole class using the techniques.This is confusing and not always easy to impart this knowledge to the students. The lesson provides a clear understanding of modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. The lesson is helpful and informative and will make it easier to teach this to students albeit a little confusing.