The Past Tenses - Past Simple - Usages


This video is part of our series on the past tenses in English. We start off the series with the past simple tense. In this video, we focus on the usages of the past simple tense, which mostly include completed actions at a definite time in the past.

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It was easier than I expected. I am not bad in grammar, but I have still some basic problem with irregular verbs. This unit gave me a general idea about start point of the teaching grammar. Definitely it was not a whole English grammar, but it motivated me to learn it thoroughly.As the Present Tenses Unit this one has been one of the easiest for me so far. Let's see how I perform in the Reported Speech stage. Again, I found the information very pleasant and easy to understand with well formulated examples that I will apply in my classes. Easy going unit.well, I have to admit that the future tenses can be tricky if you re not paying attention. I hope that I will be able to teach my future students what they need to know and I desperately ope I can make them feel the usage of these tenses as giving them good and simple examples :D