Conditionals and Reported Speech - The Second Conditional


The second conditional is used when speaking about dreams, fantasies and hypothetical situations. This video is specifically aimed at teaching the second conditional in an ESL setting.

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As someone without training who is teaching English and has to come up with lessons, this unit was really helpful. I now understand effective ways to set up a lesson rather than just throwing different activities together. I hope to be able to put this into practice immediately.It's amazing how much the technology has changed. Although the basics still work great most of the time, it is nice to know that there are a seemingly unlimited amount of resources to draw on to help teach students in all areas of all ages. Who knows what the future will bring?Future tense is quiet similar to present tense. We will distinguish that it is future because of the time given and the words will, shall, going to. This unit helps me to understand more abou the future tense. The examples help me to identify the kind of future tenses that used.