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Productive skills are often seen both as necessarily important, yet also 'scary' ~ in that speech happens in real time and may well be communicatively crucial, along with listening-comprehension of whatever answer comes from the native interlocutor. In a screen-&-keyboard age, writing may be seen as somewhat of a 'poor relation', also since writing time may be misinterpreted as lost quiet time in class, and because it brings its own challenges for learners unfamiliar with the 26-letter alphabet, punctuation and the subtler vagaries of English spelling. A rounded language-user needs to have all 4 legs of the 'quadruped' healthy ~ receptive skills at the front, productive at the back, and with one side for spoken and the other written ~ in order not to be lame in a real Anglophone environment. Apart from prep and drilling, good stimuli for productive skills will be non-verbal (mime, photos, video etc) so as to link ideas with L2 directly rather than encouraging translation ('Cochon, c'est quoi en anglais?').