Conditionals and Reported Speech - What Are Conditionals?


This video is the first video of our series on conditionals and reported speech. The conditionals are commonly referred to as "if" sentence structure speaking about if this happens then that happens.

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this unit was too useful for the teachers or anyone would like to make a professional C.V as well the cover letter .also the general rules that everyone bear in mind wherever shows us how easily can we find a job through the different websites that being provided by you.this part of exam gives a clear structurized overview of basic English grammar. I have defenitely learnt new things and now it would be easier to transfer it to students. I also have in mind that the whole grammar is much more complex and this chapter just a brief introduction.In this unit, I learned how I can actively engage with my students and how to effectively teach them by making it more enjoyable. Learning is easier when the students have fun, so I was able to learn about some ways that will allow students to be able to learn while having fun.